Professional Interior Painting Greenville NC

When you select our company, your interior painting project will be done as smoothly and minimally intrusive as possible. Our painters are tidy, respectful, and efficient. We work hard to finish your painting project quickly while providing a top-quality finished product that you can have pride in for the foreseeable future!

Our painters don’t sacrifice a thing when it comes down to quality and craftsmanship! – Not to mention, all while saving your money and your sanity.

Fall in Love with Your Walls

Whether you hope to get a room or two painted or your whole home, make sure the project gets done properly by trusting a professional contractor like us. Attention to detail is what makes us different from other local interior painting services, because we understand the importance of your home, so we vow to treat it like we live there too.

When you hire us, you don’t need to concern yourself with the hassle of finding and buying the proper tools and supplies, renting the right equipment, buying paint, or spending endless hours or days of your valuable time preparing, painting, and cleaning. We’ll take care of everything on your behalf, and Our company will complete a top quality paint job that you can certainly be proud of.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Boosting the resale price of your property does not necessarily mean you must spend money for an expensive home remodel. An interior paint job creates spotless rooms that really pave their own way in making your property sell faster and making potential buyers rave about your property, putting you in a comfortable position for negotiating the right price.

As with most other interior renovation undertakings, painting holds the special advantage of being minimally intrusive and quick to finish. Our experts will finish your paint job rapidly and to perfection. Click the button below to get your personalized quote today and boost the price of your property!

It’s All About The Prep Work

A properly prepared surface is vital to the long lasting durability and quality of the paint job. Our dedication to holistic preparation work is a tremendous part of what differentiates us as industry leading experts. To ensure your paint project is a success, the preparation work includes:

(1) Moving any furniture away from the walls and into the middle of the rooms.
(2) Moving any existing wall hangings, window treatments, mirrors, area rugs, cover plates, and appliances.
(3) Using drop cloths, plastic, and tarps to guard your floors, windows, trim, carpet, fixtures, and furniture.
(4) Filing imperfections, cracks, and nail holes found in the substrate or drywall.
(5) Replacing or repairing drywall as needed to cover dents, dings, and nail pops.
(6) Re-texturing or sanding patched areas to produce a seamless appearance with the rest of your wall.

Finished Right, Finished Clean.

Our company’s interior painting service does not end when we are done with the painting. Our painters will never leave your home a mess. Our company’s cleaning process entails:

(1) Removal of debris from the worksite.
(2) Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming your property.
(3) Re-installing wall plates and curtains.
(4) Moving furniture and other items back to their original location.