Exterior Painting

The greatest method to add value and curb appeal to your house is a well done exterior paint job. The secret to a flawless paint job is all in the preparation.

We begin by pressure washing the whole exterior of the customer’s house. Then we replace or repair any rotted wood. Then we comprehensively scrape and sand the areas to be painted in order to ensure they are smooth and ready to be painted. We then prime any exposed wood, caulk any gaps to shield your house from water intrusion, and apply the appropriate topcoats of paint for your house.

Reasons To Get Your Home’s Exterior Painted:

Exterior Painting Contractor Greenville NC

If you have any plans to list your home soon, then one great method for you to improve your home’s price is through having it painted by experts. A expert-quality paint makeover will certainly help with the resale process, especially since the home’s external appearance is the very first impression that any potential home buyers see and consider when deciding whether to make on offer on it or not. Consider the following, when the potential buyer sees the exterior’s unimpressive paint job, then they would immediately decide that going inside and checking out the interior would not be a worthwhile choice. On the other hand, when they see how immaculate your home is from the street, then they would immediately want to check out the interior.

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Let Your Home Represent You!

Our company offers services you can depend on. Your home is a sanctuary. So, let us let it look like the home of your dream.

Upgrading your home does not mean you have to get an expensive remodel. Exterior painting services are an inexpensive way of vastly improving your home’s aesthetic. Exterior painting is also a rapid process, compared to home remodeling jobs.

Boost the Beauty of your Home

All it takes is good paint and the expertise of professional exterior painters to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Besides, exterior paint can cover or conceal the permanent imperfections on your property’s exteriors.

In addition, a professional paint job would also leave your surface uniformly smooth. Having a visually appealing home from the outside will also create an impression that your interiors are just as stunning. Hence, the paint entices your potential buyers as they enter your house.

exterior paint
exterior painting

Safeguard your Home from Wear and Tear

The older the property gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to the normal wear and tear. When you hire our exterior painters, not only will the proper paint’s protective coat and caulk help your property’s exterior protect against the normal wear and tear but it will also guard your home against weather and environmental elements from humidity, solar and wind, and UV light.

Furthermore it will also prevent mold, mildew, and critters from getting into your home’s exteriors.

Increase the lifespan of your siding

No matter what kind of siding on your home, whether it is a vinyl or wood siding, a fresh coat of paint will increase its durability for the foreseeable future.

This not only means that paint coating is actually not a waste of your money but it will actually save you money considering when it comes time to replace your siding. After all, it can also cover up the damage and imperfections that your siding has acquired throughout its use. Our company’s paint services will also provide added protection to the areas that have already worn down.

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Make Your Home Livelier or Classier

We all have unique tastes and preferences. So, the exterior color of the house that you have bought might not be up to your standards. Conversely, there are also times that even though we love the color, after some time, we need to shake things up.

Now, you can make your home livelier, classier, or just achieve any look that you wanted it to have. You would be surprised that a fresh coat of paint would be enough to make your home unrecognizable and make you excited to come home every day.

It Prevents Wood from Rotting

If your house is made of wood, then there is a need for you to change your home’s paint from time to time. Considering, the older the paint is, the more it is likely to flake, chip, and peel.

When that happens, moisture and even water may get trapped between your home and your paint, causing the wood to rot. Over time, it will destroy your home’s structure so don’t wait for that to happen and instead, paint and protect your exteriors right away.


Our Process for Exterior Painting:

Painting the exterior of your home is not as easy as applying the paint. Proper preparations need to be complete. So, here’s our company’s process for performing our exterior painting services:

Pressure washing

Our exterior painters will pressure wash your house’s exteriors to fully remove the dirt and the filth that has accumulated on it. This process is very important because it ensures that the fresh paint to be applied will take to your property’s exterior successfully. The process may last for a few hours or more than that, depending on the size of your property.


In the presence of loose rocks and dirt, we would remove them to ensure that the paint goes below the ground surface so that we can apply the paint below the grade.


Unpainted surfaces like gutters and window screens are masked in order to protect them from the paint.


After our painters finish the pressure washing, we scrape off and dispose of any loose paint chips left on your exterior surface to allow the paint to adhere to the surface better. We would need to scrape off all paint that is peeling.


Our company will recaulk any damaged caulk found on your property. Our company would also be examining all siding and trim so that in the case of any loose boards, they would be fixed by re-nailing them.

Priming & Painting

Any new pieces of bare wood that our company installed needs to get primed. Certain surfaces, depending on conditions, needs to get a primer coat before receiving the 2 final coats of paint. Again, the priming process allows for the paint to adhere more securely to the exterior surface and prevent peeling moving forward. Our company will then apply two coats of paint on the exterior for overall coverage} and professional protection.


We are not finished just because your home has been painted. We will never leave your house a mess. So, we take responsibility to clean everything up and take off all the masking remaining on your exteriors. Our painters vow to leave your house completely spotless.


Once your work is completely finished, we would diligently inspect your home to ensure that it satisfies our quality standards. Our company will personally ensure that you are elated and fully satisfied with our work before leaving your property.

When deciding to paint your home’s exteriors, it is always very important to make sure that the paint job is done right. With that in mind, always choose credible, reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced local exterior painters like us. That way you won’t have an ounce of regret. Request your quote today!